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Advice for College Freshmen

Going to college for the first time is a huge transition period in your life. Don’t fret – VaiLocal is here to help you! Below you will find five pieces of advice for adjusting to life on campus:

Stay organized

Keeping track of your class schedule, assignment due dates, and application deadlines may seem daunting at first, but it’s important to centralize all of your information in at least one place. This can mean writing it all down in a planner, the calendar on your computer, and/or a whiteboard. Do what works best for you!

Don't procrastinate

College is not the same as high school. In general, your assignments will be more difficult and tests will be harder. This means that you should budget your time wisely for when to start working on homework and studying for exams. Every class and student is different, so use your best judgment to do what works best for you!

Go to office hours

Going to office hours is a fantastic way for you to ask clarifying questions about the class material, strike up a positive relationship with your professors and TAs, and meet your classmates. These sessions will likely make you feel more prepared for exams and may lead you to create study groups with fellow classmates who could become good friends!

Get involved

Whether it's by joining clubs, starting a job as a research assistant, or working for a university organization, it's important to get involved on campus in areas that you are passionate about. This will help you cultivate your passions, meet new people, and discover your career path. It's possible that you will join a club or start a job that you don't like - and that's okay! Just remember to budget your time wisely and to always prioritize your academics.

Maintain a balance

Make sure to take time for yourself. Take breaks to go out to dinner with people in your dorm or play intramural sports. It’s important to prevent burnout in your early days of college by relaxing from your studies, when you deem it appropriate.

You got this!

Good luck, and feel free to reach out to VaiLocal if you need help!

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