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Company Testimonials


"We are proud partners of VaiLocal and have had many rewarding experiences working with local students who have blossomed under mentorship and guidance. This service is a valuable asset for any business looking to connect with the younger members of its community."

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 "The Woman's Exchange has had challenges hiring since the pandemic, and we have found VaiLocal to be a huge asset for us in finding talent for open positions. VaiLocal allows us to create a connection with the community that we would not find on other larger job boards."


"We were very pleased with the intern provided by VaiLocal. She helped us improve and streamline our website. Thank you to VaiLocal for providing this service to non-profit organizations!"


"Giuseppe Di Cera and his team have been very helpful to us over the last several years in finding employees who were motivated, intelligent, and reliable.  We plan on continuing to use the service in the future due to the positive impact it has had on our company and customers."

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“We have experienced great success with the intern program the last 3 years. The students are bright and eager to both help and learn.”

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